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Project Development and EPC

Project Development and EPC

The services offered by EMMVEE are expanding. With its vast experience in the field of solar energy as a solar PV module manufacturer, EMMVEE has completed several MW scale Solar PV projects making EMMVEE a prominent player in the field of Project development and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in India and Europe.

Project Development

Consultation, Planning and Development

EMMVEE is a competent partner, experienced in planning and development of solar power systems in India and Europe. Our expert engineers ensure the best quality standards through attentive project development. Project development by EMMVEE includes the complete management of the project.

The said services are offered by EMMVEE not merely for its own projects, but for investors too. Expert advice and detailed planning by the EMMVEE project development team ensures smooth and timely execution of the projects.

Project Development and EPC

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction): Turnkey solution provider

As an EPC company, EMMVEE provides in-house design and construction services for building the solar power plants. Our range of services includes technical planning of system, selection of the best components and professional installation; all under one roof.

Our own solar module production and close ties with our suppliers allow precise selection of every system component. Consequently, solar power plants become more efficient and reliable offering secured long-term profits.

EMMVEE monitors the implementation of the PV project, co-ordinating all construction phases and controlling the quality of installation work. The deliberate co-ordination of deadlines provides timely grid connections of large-scale PV power plant. Yielding losses due to deadlock can be avoided.

Project Development and EPC

System components

Mounting system

Every PV project is unique and requires customized assembly solutions, both for roof-top systems on steeply sloping roofs or ground mounted installations on uneven terrain.

A salient feature of a project is optimal elevation for the prospective project site. Our solar specialists have gained years of experience in building reliable Solar Power plants in different locations and environment.

Before selecting the system standard, one undertakes a comprehensive analysis of site-specific weather and soil conditions. The mounting system must provide stable support for the modules during extreme weather conditions like rain, wind, dust or snow. For safe operation and longevity of a solar power plant, EMMVEE uses only quality finished materials with the highest corrosion resistance. The use of appropriate mounting systems and professional installation ensures high level of security and safeguards the system’s yield.

Project Development and EPC


EMMVEE utilizes its own manufactured PV modules for its project installations. EMMVEE’s modules are always known for its high quality, reliability and transparency in usage of the components from valued suppliers.

Operation and Maintenance

After commissioning of any PV Power plant, operation and maintenance plays an important role to reach the highest efficiency and performance. EMMVEE operation and maintenance team closely monitors the PV system with periodic inspection of the plant, continuous monitoring of the electricity output and plant performance. The highest performance will be guaranteed and the solar plants will have a stable and growing generation throughout their lifetime.